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The Leadership Team (LT) operates as a horizontal and collaborative group. Although there are individual roles within the team, each part of the group needs to support one another. Even with the specific titles, LT members must be willing to lend a hand when others are overwhelmed or need help. The input of all LT members should be considered and also challenged. We have to think critically about the choices we make, anticipate any problems, controversy or conflicts and be resourceful to reach our goals, which we should be constantly evaluating and moving towards. National team members serve as support resources for planning, troubleshooting and funding.

Director of Operations, Michelle Zheng '16

Michelle is a sophomore hailing from Santa Cruz, California. She is studying Computer Science-Economics, an interest that she thinks definitely goes right with her involvement with FRN (efficient allocation of scare resources, right?). She is wildly enthusiastic about a good number of things as well, including singing, playing the piano, poetry, Iceland, being the great outdoors, and running. Michelle also enjoys her unofficial leadership team title, "The Scavenger". Her spirit vegetable is most certainly an eggplant.

Communications Manager, Nguyen Le '16

Nguyen is a junior at Brown concentrating in chemical engineering and potentially international relations. As an engineering student, Nguyen is obsessed with "efficiency" and found much space for improvements in the way food is manufactured and consumed. Externally recruited as the director of operations from September 2014, Nguyen has transited to managing FRN's public relations. He is also one of the easily found examples of "Third culture kids" at Brown - born and grew up in Vietnam, attended high school in Norway, currently living in the States and still have no clue what the next destination will be.

Volunteers Coordinator: Vicky Zhang '16
Vicky is from Beijing, China. She is currently pursuing a degree in economics and potentially applied math. Managing the pickup schedules and internal communications between our reps and leading members, Vicky has always been on top of her things and kept FRN in a functional state.

Outreach Coordinator: Izza Drury '16

Izza is currently a junior from Vinalhaven, Maine. She's casually a well-rounded individual who wish to pursue environmental studies while playing Ultimate Frisbee (competitively), doing yoga and eating gnocchi. She looks forward to engaging with the Providence community and building relationships with other people who are interested in food access, and food waste issues. 

Special Event Coordinator: Oscar Dupuy D'Angeac 

A New Yorker and a frenchman at heart, Oscar is currently a sophomore studying Urban Studies and Comparative Literature. He enjoys reading, drawing, gee-tar and ... dumpster diving. Oscar used to be a part of The Midnight Run in NY where he pack a couple cars full of food and clothes and deliver them throughout Manhattan late into the night. Also, he appreciates hugs and has a strong commitment to eggplant. 

LT Alumni
Ava Runge: Volunteer Coordinators 2011 - 2014
Shelby Wilson: Outreach Coordinator 2011- 2013
Renata Robles: Director of Operations/Outreach Coordinator 2012 - 2014

Charlotte Hacke: Director of Operations 2012 - 2013
Kearney McDonnell: Outreach Coordinator 2013- 2014

Representatives are the boots on the ground. They have a minimum of one weekly recovery shift, must attend mandatory training, engage with their Food Groups and FRN's partners on and off the hill. We are looking for enthusiastic, reliable and punctual people to join our network.

Supervisors lead Food Groups (5-7 representatives and 1 supervisors) in meeting activities, attend LT meetings, plan events for the community as well as one weekly recovery.

If interested in any of these positions, contact frnatbrown@gmail.com

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