Our Mission

Food Recovery Network @Brown unites students to fight food waste and hunger by recovering surplus perishable food from campus that would otherwise go to waste and donate it to people in need. In addition to recovering food, FRN aims to create community ties both on and off College Hill. We are a group committed to creating a support network and promoting community development while closing the loop in resource distribution. FRN educates the public and our peers about issues surrounding food waste, food insecurity and homelessness.  Our lectures and events are always open to the public and encourage discussion of taboo or difficult topics. We want to question the structure of the current system and look for creative ways to influence or make significant changes to problematic bureaucracies and private institutions. We are staffed by engaged, driven and curious minds and encourage collaboration with other student groups, as well as groups and individuals outside the Brown community.

Brief Overview

Food Recovery Network (FRN), a national student-run non-profit, was originally founded by Ben Simon and Mia Zavalij at the University of Maryland. FRN@Brown, the second of now over forty chapters, was originally founded in September 2011 by four Brown University students: Ben Chesler, Rebecca Kagan, Lauren Behgam, and Shelby Wilson. Since then, FRN@Brown has recovered over 15,000 pounds of food from our campus eateries that we bring to shelters throughout Providence, RI every night. We are fully volunteer-operated, with various groups of organizational teams running operations every day.

Current Operations:

Every night/weekly we recover from:
  • On Campus:
    • Blue Room
    • Rock Café
    • Friedman Café (SciLi)
    • Barus & Holly Café
    • Poppy's (Nelson Fitness Center)
    • Andrews Dining Hall
    • Brown Market Shares
    • The Ratty
  • Off Campus:
    • Blue State (Thayer St.)
    • Coffee Exchange (Wickenden St.)
Every week we donate recovered food to:
  • Crossroads RI 
  • McAuley House
We also work with the Women's Center and Harrington Hall. More details on shelters we donate to can be found here

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