Monday, September 9, 2013

And it begins.

Greetings everyone!

Here we are again, back in the full swing of the semester already! We, the LT, met last Sunday morning in the wonderful garden of the Urban Environmental Lab. The sun was shining, we were surrounded by juicy veggies, and lovely company...not too bad of a start.

After our weekly check-in (highs & lows, rose & thorn, whatever you want to call it...), we talked a lot about how we are wanting this semester to be like. There will be a big shift in our operations regarding volunteers, for we are now having everyone APPLY first. The choices are FRN@Brown Rep or FRN@Brown Supervisor (see page for further detail). Why you might ask? We feel that having people apply to be a part of the program will create a stronger, more committed dynamic amongst the group. The more "official" aspect to applying, we hope, will create more accountability from everyone as well as bring the importance to the title a FRN@Brown volunteer deserves. (Excuse the uppity sound this last bit has, but it's true! Volunteering your own time to help others in a very crucial, yet simple way is work and should get some high recognition!)

Anywho, welcome back all. Upcoming events:

-Activities Fair, Tues. 9/10 7pm-10pm, OMAC
-Info Sessions:
    -Wed. 9/11, 7pm, Wilson 105
    -Thurs, 9/12, 7pm, Wilson 301

Applications to become a Rep or a Supervisor are due by THIS Friday (9/13) evening!!!


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