Sunday, December 1, 2013

December 1st

by Charlotte Hacke (LT Coordinator)

The beginning of the last month of the year. The month of the (official) beginning of winter, and of course of the holiday that seems to be looming over us throughout the entire year: Christmas. What does this all mean for most of us? Cold weather, snow, and time for vacation/family. However, what would this mean for many of our community partners? A  search for winter coats & open shelters. Luckily, there are a few opportunities in Providence for these two things.


  • There was a drive for coats on Black Friday. Check out the story here.
  • Coats for coffee: Seven Stars & Courtesy Cleaners team up to donate a cup of coffee to each person who donates a winter coat! Coats are still available at the South Side Girls & Boys Club in Providence. Full story is here
In terms of shelters, they are squeezing in as many people as they can (as always). Special Christmas dinners will happen in most of them, but more info on that later. For now, bagels are a good way to pack on the pounds for the cold winter months to come! 

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