Sunday, September 21, 2014

Meet Our New LT Staff!

We are so excited to announce our new volunteer coordinator and director of operations!
Here's a little bit about each of them:

Vicky (Zhu) - Volunteer Coordinator


Spirit vegetable

Beijing, China

Applied Math- Economics

Favorite activities: 
Movies and basketball

What are you looking forward to gaining from the VC position?
Getting to know and working with the awesome FRN volunteers, and being more involved with Providence community.

What inspires you to do good?
Making small positive changes in this big and complicated world fascinates me.

What are some things you're thinking about lately? 
Thinking about making a short video for FRN, either promotional or for new volunteer training; Looking forward to meeting the new LT and also the 2014 fall volunteers; What the food industry is like here in Providence, can I apply my macroeconomics knowledge to better understand this system?; Whether the FRN could be applied to colleges outside US, such as my hometown—Beijing, which has different food system and eating habits.
How to make good mac-and-cheese; winter schedule back in Beijing; what posters should I get for my dorm decoration.

What has been your most rewarding experience regarding food access, justice, production, waste, etc? 
Visiting McAuley House during lunch time with Shelby and Adalyn from FRN, and talked with the interesting and inspiring people there.

Nguyen - Director of Operations


Spirit vegetable
Broccoli (raw or stir fried with soy sauce)

Where you're from
Danang (a.k.a the Cape cod of Vietnam) 

(Possible) concentrations
Chemical Engineering

Favorite activities 
Cooking, yoga, tennis, hiking and dancing

What are you looking forward to gaining from the DO position? 
Food distrubution and has always been one of the issues I’m most concerned about. Joining the E-Board, I would love to stay updated about the issue as well as learn to take action against it. What I’m most excited about is the future vision of FRN that is to become more publicized and establish more connection with other organizations at Brown and in Providence in general. I look forward to organizing more events, talking to leaders of many groups and diversifying the activities of FRN. I found myself so lucky to be selected in the position, where I have the chance to cultivate good partnership with people and make contribution to Brown campus. 

What inspires you to do good? 
I want to make the best of my time at Brown. I do think whether your life is meaningful or not can shown through what you have done to the community you live in. Saving food through redistribution doesn’t just give me a better feeling whenever I have my meal in the ratty, but also makes me feel like I have had a productive time here when looking back at my Brown experience in years.

What are some things you're thinking about lately? 
Many things. Courses, what to do with my life, ideas for organizations I’m in like FRN and Social Action Haus. But one of the things that concerned me more recently is Ebola, both scientific and political side of it, especially after reading Besse’ “The world yawns as Ebola takes hold of Africa”, which explain why I do support Obama administration’s request of additional $88 million to funding the fight against Ebola. Another thing I have been thinking about is the energy aspect of climate change. Even though I’m sorry that the Western sanction on Russia has been devastating to many people’s life, I did clap secretly when knowing that Exxon Mobil had to wind down its $700 million exploration for oil and gas potential in Arctic Ocean. 

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